With Needed Defense Cuts on the Horizon, Industry Forces Rev Up the Propaganda Machine

You know it's a big moment for defenders of the United States' bloated military budget when some of the all-time superstars of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex descend on Capitol Hill to fight for their perceived right to profit.

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Job Opening: Social Media Associate

Passionate about social justice? Brave New Foundation seeks a Social Media Associate to drive our online strategy on at least two campaigns to secure a more humane world with opportunity for all. The issues you work on will include curbing mass incarceration and slashing our nation’s bloated, corrupt military budget.

 A strong candidate will:

  • Have experience running social media campaigns.
  • Demonstrate all-around aptitude with web-based tech and the ability to quickly master new tools (including NationBuilder, our content management system).
  • Demonstrate the ability to push metadata, micro-content and back-end capabilities to their limit to help content go viral.
  • Be proficient with Adobe Photoshop with an ability to make strong graphics for social distribution.
  • Be a strong, concise writer with advanced experience using social media.
  • Show a strong commitment to social justice.
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Job Opening: War Costs Campaign Director

Ready for a country that spends money on putting people back to work instead of blowing all our cash on militarism? Brave New Foundation seeks a campaign director for our War Costs campaign, our project to expose the corruption of our politics by war profiteers and to challenge the idea that national security should be based on military policy. 

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Job Opportunity at Brave New Foundation: Associate Producer

Research and set up interviews for progressive political videos. Must know research Internet tools, sources and how to bring information together in clear concise format. This is not a Google cut and paste job. Be able to assemble show elements (music, video clips, interviews) to tell a compelling story.

Must be well versed in progressive politics. Should have a strong grasp on issues and knowledge of BRAVE NEW FILMS/FOUNDATION work. Your passion for politics is as important as production skills. Tell us about it.

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This week, the three military contractors that do the most business with the Pentagon announced their quarterly profits for 2012. Their profits continue to grow while they push Washington, D.C. to protect their budgets at the expense of the rest of us. 

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Northrop Grumman and Boeing Spent a Ton of Your Money To Try to Avoid Paying Taxes. It Worked.

Al Capone: Not as good at dodging 
taxes as modern war profiteers,

We’ve been following the insane amount of our tax dollars that war industry companies use to lobby our Congress out from under us for a while, but the new Sunlight Foundation report just puts a cherry on top of this Tax Day.They’ve just published a report showing that the top eight companies spending the most on federal lobbying saw their tax rates decrease. Guess who’s included on the list: military contractor behemoths Northrop Grumman and Boeing:

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