Job Opening: War Costs Campaign Director

Ready for a country that spends money on putting people back to work instead of blowing all our cash on militarism? Brave New Foundation seeks a campaign director for our War Costs campaign, our project to expose the corruption of our politics by war profiteers and to challenge the idea that national security should be based on military policy. 


  • Generate campaign concepts and action plan to make measurable gains toward War Costs' goals.
  • Provide framing/intellectual guidance for production of investigative videos, working with researchers and associate producers to ensure accuracy and uncover new information.
  • Strengthen and expand Brave New Foundation contacts with outside experts, think tanks and natural allies among the activist community.
  • Work with staffers on Capitol Hill to identify legislative opportunities.
  • Work with communications department to maintain relationships with key new media partners.
  • Join the director in representing War Costs in the media.
  • Create and manage a robust small donor fundraising program.
  • Author blog pieces on the topic of military budgets, war profiteering and the corruption of politics by war contractor dollars.
  • Supervise social media associate and research staff. 

Candidates should send an email, cover letter and resume to 


  • Deep knowledge of military contractor industry, Pentagon procurement and legislative processes.
  • Exceptional writing skills.
  • Understanding of social media sufficient to enable management of social media staff. 

Exceptional Candidates

  • Possess personal network of contacts among Capitol Hill, think tanks and academia. 
  • Proven history of success making change at the national level.

This is not a 9-to-5 job, nor is it an entry-level position. We seek a candidate with dedication to the work commensurate with the seriousness of the work. 

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