Job Opening: Social Media Associate

Passionate about social justice? Brave New Foundation seeks a Social Media Associate to drive our online strategy on at least two campaigns to secure a more humane world with opportunity for all. The issues you work on will include curbing mass incarceration and slashing our nation’s bloated, corrupt military budget.

 A strong candidate will:

  • Have experience running social media campaigns.
  • Demonstrate all-around aptitude with web-based tech and the ability to quickly master new tools (including NationBuilder, our content management system).
  • Demonstrate the ability to push metadata, micro-content and back-end capabilities to their limit to help content go viral.
  • Be proficient with Adobe Photoshop with an ability to make strong graphics for social distribution.
  • Be a strong, concise writer with advanced experience using social media.
  • Show a strong commitment to social justice.

Candidates should send an email, cover letter and resume to Please include in your submission on example of prior social media campaign experience and the metrics you used to judge success. Include a sample of your ability to produce an infographic or viral quote graphic.

Responsibilities include:

  • Day-to-day social media postings on sites including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, etc.
  • Expanding our organization’s reach in social communities where our presence could be stronger.
  • Monitoring trending hashtags, memes, etc. for use in social media campaigns and to find inspiration for BNF-generated hashtags and memes. 
  • Designing campaign visuals like shareable infographics and thumbnail images for YouTube and email content.
  • Keeping campaign websites updated.
  • Miscellaneous duties such as curating internal research documents and creating/monitoring metrics for social media success. 

This is not a 9-to-5 position; we maintain an aggressive mentality when it comes to responding to breaking news and need a new media associate who fits that culture.  

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