Rodger Okoye

  • commented on 9eo3VDfsA0A 2014-12-22 14:18:56 -0800
    I’m not a fan of drones, in fact, I think governments should start to think about disarmament, because I think it is the only solution to global peace, because the way things are going, things are looking to bright, and with cyber attacks coming into the equation. If things do become more computational, that will be where all our attentions will lie, dealing with computer problems ( )etc, that’s the only viable future for us.

  • commented on YcGB3rvhgb8 2014-12-22 14:15:39 -0800
    They are much needed in my opinion, although I can understand why there would be a war on them. Makes a lot of sense, I guess they would be perceived much like a computer viruses ( ), because they sort of function the same, only their objective is that of good, rather than nuisance.