RT America: Derrick Crowe speaks on the Hollywood/Pentagon symbiosis

By RT America

The new military film “Act of Valor” used real life Navy Seals to give Americans a “realistic” view of what these secretive forces do. But is it reality, or just what the U.S. government wants you to see?

The mainstream media has mostly ignored how the Pentagon doctors Hollywood scripts in order to shift public opinion. This cozy and powerful relationship, has been winning hearts and minds for decades.

In the new movie “Act of Valor,” you will some of the world’s most elite warriors, outfitted with the most technologically advanced equipment, and plenty of fire power. In the end, the American hero comes out on top, but there is something missing from Hollywood’s supposed realistic portrayal of the U.S. military.

“That stuff looks fun but soldiers today who are joining the military, the number one thing they’re going to be doing is walking around on a foot patrol in a big circle every day, day after day and suddenly a bomb is going to go off on the road, blow up one of their friends, blow up one of their vehicles,” said Michael Prysner, an Iraq War Veteran.

In “Act of Valor,” there are definite reinforcements of the Muslim, terrorist, bogey man. What the film does not show is the damaging effect of war on U.S. troops. Also missing is action on the battlefield, better described as war crimes, than valor.

Many military films such as “Act of Valor” aren’t born in Hollywood, but in the Pentagon. While these movies may be a success at the box office, the true measure of success is not just measured in dollars, but in the number of recruits it can bring into the service.

“This film was made with the backing from the military for a reason. It exposes the future generation of seal operators to our community and how we operate,” said Navy Seal Capt. Duncan Smith.

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