patriot_splash1.jpgWar Costs tells the story of people who said, “enough is enough” when faced with out-of-control militarism and corruption. We talk to the people who blew the whistle on misconduct, and the people working to chart a better course for our country, including how we transition from a war economy to one that puts people to work building our communities. We’ll also talk to workers in the war industry who want to work in other sectors, provided the jobs are there. Most of all, we talk to you, helping you fight back against the war machine and telling your stories. 

The real patriots are the people willing to stand up for what’s best for our country, and War Costs will stand with them.

You can stand up to militarism right now by working to get your local press to cover the need to cut the massive war budget. Learn more.

Join the international effort to expose the financial & humane costs of the U.S. military industrial complex.

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