Group in Charlottesville Protests ‘Illegal Drone Killings’

For NBC 29 (Charlottesville, NC).

A group in Charlottesville is trying to spread the word about what it calls "illegal drone killings.” The small group protested Friday night on the downtown mall.

“It's nice to kind of be an eyesore and to interrupt the natural flow of people,” said one of the protesters, Alfred Dirosa.

A small group lay on the ground, participating in what it calls a "die in," part of a protest against drone killings.

"Dying in front of people combined with information and spreading awareness - I think it's a valuable thing,” Dirosa said.

Others held signs and chanted. The protest was organized by a member of Amnesty International in hopes of spreading awareness.

"We think it's outrageous, immoral, and illegal,” said David Swanson, another protester.

The group shared concerns, mainly about the use of drones in other countries. Charlottesville is the first city in the nation to pass a forward-thinking ordinance banning drones but some say the rest of the country isn't following suit.

"This is the first city in the country that took a stand against the use of drones but as a nation our government is still using them wildly,” Swanson said.

The same group will also host a free showing of the film “Unmanned: America's Drone Wars” next Tuesday.

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