Are Russell Brand and Jemima Khan back on?

By Katie Amey for Cosmopolitan UK.

Last night, funny man Russell Brand stepped out with former girlfriend Jemima Khan for a screening of the documentary Unmanned: America's Drone Wars, prompting speculation that the pair were back together.

Turns out, they are. According to reports, the pair posing together at the London screening is basically as good as confirmation that the two are giving it another go.

The two smiled for the cameras at the film screening, and at one point, Jemima was even photographed with her arm around the comedian.

Their public outing comes after Jemima's recent Twitter post, a photo of Russell playing with her dog, which likewise fueled reconciliation speculation.

Katy Perry's ex-husband has remained relatively quiet following his split from the pop star. Katy has been dating John Mayer since summer 2012.

We're glad to see Russell is getting back out there; congratulations to the happy couple!

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