The Dish: Kanye pleads not guilty



The comedian - who announced he was "in a relationship" at a talk in London earlier this week - was seen with on/off partner Jemima looking loved up at a film screening on Thursday night

The Arthur actor looked happy as Jemima put her arm round him at the screening of new documentary 'Unmanned: America's Drone Wars', which she co-produced.

Khan - who is the associate editor of the New Statesman magazine, which Russell recently guest edited - also posted a photograph on Twitter of the comedian posing in front of a wall with graffiti art of his face.

Alongside the shot, in which her fluffy white dog, Brian, can also be seen, Jemima, 39, tweeted: 'Brandalism! Brian's the first convert.'

The dog made his social networking debut on Russell's account last month, when the funnyman posted a photograph of him while travelling to a stand-up show.

He tweeted: "On me way to Plymouth with a dog that looks like a Nazi mascot #MessiahComplex."

On Monday, Brand was pictured with Brian as he made his way out of Shoreditch House after a political talk hosted by news website The Huffington Post.

The same night he confirmed he is dating again, saying: "I'm in a relationship at the moment. I'm off to see my girlfriend."

The comedic star has remained tight-lipped about his love life since splitting from Katy Perry in December 2011 after 14 months of marriage.


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