Flash in the pan curries favour

By Fionnuala Bourke for Birmingham Mail.

I’m not sure whether I’m happy or sad that chicken tikka masala is no longer the nation’s favourite dish.

The calorific curry, flavoured with cream of tomato soup, got usurped by Chinese stir fry at the start of the year.

The latter is renowned for its colourful mixture of fresh vegetables, noodles and quickness of cooking.

It’s a bit like saying Benny from Crossroads has been replaced by Helen Flanagan.

Benny was a long time staple of British life.

The character from Crossroads with his wooly hat was a comforting treat at tea time.

His warm persona filled us with cheer as we sat down to relax after a hard day’s work.

And the memories, though somewhat distant – as the Birmingham-based soap got the axe in 1988 following heavy criticism for cheap sets and production – can still stir up a smile for many.

Yet with Helen you cannot help but feel that the only thing being stirred up is a flash in the pan.

Sure the 23 year-old is a mixture of many fresh ingredients.

One day she’s tottering along the cobbles of Corrie.

The next she’s letting it all hang out in the jungle in I’m a Celebrity.

And then...

Well it doesn’t stop does it?

Helen has managed to keep herself in the media spotlight ever since.

She’s going out with Scott Sinclair, she’s not going out with Scott Sinclair.

She’s rowing with her neighbours and posting notes she sent them on the internet, bizarrely asking for blue roses as compensation.

And she’s bringing out a new calendar.

Yes, watch out, Helen is planning to dominate our celebrity pages throughout 2014 too.

I think I’m starting to miss Jordan.

Helen appears to have overtaken Katie P to the top of the publicity shots.

She is obviously enjoying her time in the limelight.

But how long can she hang on to it for?

It could all be over quicker than a romantic liaison with Russell Brand.

The comedian, actor, radio host and author confirmed that he was in a relationship with Jemima Khan on Wednesday night.

The pair were snapped together at a screening of a new documentary – Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars.

What a fun date!

At the time of writing there were no reports to show that Russell and Jemima were no longer an item.

But I can’t guarantee that this will still be the case by the time that this newspaper has been printed and made it into your hands.

Well I suppose Jemima didn’t have to listen to Russell droning on like he’d swallowed a thesaurus while the film was on.

I wonder if she voted to go for dinner afterwards.

Hope not.

Russell isn’t in to voting. He droned on at Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman for what seemed like an eternity about that one.

Apparently Jemima had posted a picture of Russell with her dog on Twitter earlier.

So it really must be true love this time.

Or is it just another flash in the pan?

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