Don’t Freak Out, But the Pentagon Just Took a Baby Step in the Right Direction on Military Pork

By   Published: Thursday, April 12th, 2012


It’s not every day we get to write a headline like this, so we’ll just get right to it: The Pentagon has ended their annual ritual of porking up the final military budget through their list of “unfunded priorities.”

See, usually, the Pentagon writes up a budget that conforms to the President’s overall request, but they also slip Congress a list of things they want but that didn’t make the cut. Then, Congress lards up the outline provided by the president with these extras, and the final military budget ends up a fat, corrupt mess.

According to Congressional Quarterly, they finally cut this out this year. Good for them!

Now, if we could just get the horrendous waste and corruption out of the core of the military budget, we’d be getting somewhere.

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